Reviva Commercial Flooring System.

Commercial kitchen specialist, extensive preparation of the existing floor is paramount in achieving sucess of a High Traffic commercial area.

We use fast curing epoxy resins, allowing us to fullfil the time constraint requirement of returning your floor with minimal down time.

We broadcast coloured sand to the wear layer, then apply 2 coats of clear, ensuring maximium foot traffic with the utmost OHS compliance, and the ease of cleaning.


RCE preparation

RevivaFlake Commercial is specially designed for the areas where slip resistance is required: examples include school and public toilets, change rooms, exit/entry areas to commercial premises and commercial kitchens.

These blended flakes come with a certificate indicating the "Slip resistance" rating of the surface when totally in installed by our methods.

Fully certified flake with certificates available for ratings R10 and R12 to Australian Slip Rating Standard.