RevivaGrind & Seal - Epoxy floor with a range of application for car parks, warehouse flooring, office entrance, entertainment area partnering with suppliers to achieve your complete result.



 RevivaFlake - flake flooring, an exciting interior floor product offering endless colour concepts with seamless flooring (no-grout-lines-look) using real paint flakes.


RevivaFlake is multicoloured chips in an unlimited range

of different blends in two sizes, large and small. When added with a

polymer base coat, top coat and sealer, it creates a durable,

unique and great looking flooring system.

Perfect for kitchens, garages,
activity rooms and                              

other internal                                        



 For a hardy, great looking surface use RevivaFlake flooring

Decorative paint flakes incorporated in seamless epoxy and polyurethane floor systems are a great alternative to other types of floor or wall coverings. The paint flakes are a colourful, tough, low maintenance, seamless, durable and

hygienic coating system for floors, walls and other surfaces for commercial, industrial and domestic areas.

RevivaFlake uses (Mastershield) polymer flooring an epoxy product that offers a tough, decorative, seamless, easy to clean, hygienic surface.

  • Seamless surface
  • Unlimited design ideas
  • Unlimited flake blends
  • Will not harbour bacteria
  • High resistance to wearing
  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Water Resistant
  • Dust resistant

RF Carnival

RFC Claypan

RFC Coppertone

RF Fiesta

RF Fossil

RF Frosty

RF Glacier

RF Grey Granite

RF Latte

RF Moonlight

RF Oatmeal

RF Oyster

RF Praprika

RF Saffron

RF Showtime

RF Storm