Diverse application areas;

  • Basement walls and foundations
  • Balconies
  • Garage roofs
  • Roof top terraces and parking decks
  • Water feature ponds
  • Swimming pools
  • Waterproofing over torch-on bitumen membrane
  • Chemical resistant bund storage
  • Sea containers
  • Dam liner




Co-polymer / cememtitious waterproofing membranes play a key role when it comes to sealing buildings and are the tools to successfully combat hydostatic water pressure and seepage water.


Reviva Waterproofing Solutions membrane are typically used to seal basements from the outside.

It protects the basement walls and foundations against soil moisture, hydrostatic water pressure and seepage water.


Another classic application is the sealing of balconies and terraces.

All it takes to seal a structure is a layer two or three millimeters thick. The seal continues to protect even when fine cracks appear in the masonary due to vibration, settling and shrinkage.

Unlike traditional sealing methods, our waterproofing membranes allow water vapour to diffuse back and forth.



Technology Progressing Forward in Waterproofing.

  • A retirement village pathway, with innovative rubber crumb broadcast into 1st coat, prior to final coat.
  • A 100 m2 water feature with damage to the concrete base and movement around the rocks supporting the head water flowing, resulting in a 'Leaky pond', high pressure cleaned prior to 2 sprayed coats of 'tequila sunrise'.


The following photograph's, show sprayed 2 coats over repaired concrete base and totally encapsulating the surrounding and supporting rock structure.