Cracks in concrete can occur in multiple forms expecially fine and hairline cracks in concrete floors, slabs, walls, panels, columns, beam, soffits, kerbs and other concrete features on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.  These need to be addressed and remedied quickly to prevent further damage, expecially if the structure is external as water ingress will begin to attack the main structure itself.  Repairing small concrete cracks can be hugely cost effective in the long run as over time cracks will expand and cause the concrete around them to weaken and possibly become dangerous. 


We can offer the full range of Injection materials and ancillaries, from Epoxy to a Polyurea resin.  Consider having your cracked foundation inspected so that our professional team can determine the type of injection to use. 


Having the cracks repaired in your building helps prevent water inflitration.  


Do you need an experienced technician for high or low-pressure injection into your foundation?


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