At Reviva-Crete Pty Ltd our aim is to provide the highest quality concrete re-surfacing, offering NEW exterior concrete products, New interior seamless flooring, concrete grinding, concrete sealing and epoxy flooring.

REVIVA LIFT - Slab Jacking



Undrepinning is a great way to reinforce the foundation of your home or business. Sometimes it's obvious that it's necessary, but other times the need sneaks up on you. It's not something you can ignore. After all, if the foundation of your home or business isn't properly constructed, the rest of the structure quickly follows suit. Decades of experience in the Construction Industry, Reviva-Crete understands this and, and use Foam injection technology to deliver injections of expanding resin to your building, structure or pavements. This way, the job is done right the first time and in a cost effective manner. This method provides the stability you can count on by reducing moisture ifiltration through air leakage and minimizing dew point problems and condensation.